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Audio Pro / Music

Sounds are part of human history in a deep way and, with the evolution of communications, today we have numerous applications for audio, from music to sound effect.

• Audio description

Audio description is a relatively new technique. It allows the visually impaired to have access to the information of the images through an audio description made by an announcer. It can be applied in recordings or live.

• Lyric video

2D and 3D videos synchronizing the lyrics of the song on the screen while the song is playing.

• Voiceover and characters

Development of scripts with voiceover or characters.

• Musical production

Pre-production, recording, musical direction, arrangement development, editing, mixing and mastering of musical albums.

• Work registration

Technical assistance for registering the work with the competent bodies, bringing benefits and guaranteeing the protection of the artist's intellectual material.

• Sound effects

Audio effects to amplify the stereophonic sensation for the audiovisual context, using various techniques, such as foley, mix and chops.

• Video clip

Audiovisual production involving cinematography, editing and editing, aimed at singers, bands, orchestras, choirs, etc.

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